Casino Free Spins Bonus: a complete guide to understanding them

Loyal readers who follow our guide have known since the beginning that they can benefit from casino bonuses specially dedicated to slot machines: casino free spins. If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to unlock one of the bonuses available on the list below!

casino free spins bonus in India

What are free spins? Definition

Before you select any of our partner casinos’ offers, you might want to ask yourself what free spins are. In reality, these are free spins that allow you to play longer on one or more machines.

Casino free spins are awarded through credits that are generously given to you by the casinos. You will usually receive a few dozen of these and can spin the reels without investing your own money. At each spin, you will see the number of free spins remaining decrease and know how many free spins are still available.

We recommend that beginners or those who are new to online casino games take advantage of the full range of these offers. They are an easy way to get acquainted with certain games and have fun without a sword of Damocles hanging over your head ruining your experience.

How do I get free spins from an online gambling operator?

In order to earn credits that will give you free casino spins, you will generally not need to deposit. Keep in mind, however, that online gambling operators are increasingly adding a certain amount of free spins with a deposit to their payout bonuses. In this case, you will need to deposit money in order to activate your deposit bonus and also receive your free spins bonus in the process.

It is also not uncommon for players to have to enter a bonus code at the time of registration or deposit in order to claim certain welcome offers. We invite you to consult our reviews of various casinos to find these codes. Please note that our team is dedicated to negotiating exclusive offers for our readers. You will get extra free spins if you enter the code that we provide in some of our casino pages.

Once the offer is activated in your account, you will see these free spins appear and can then start using them by placing a bet as you wish. When you launch the machine, you will be asked if you would prefer to play for real money, or to use the free spins offers waiting in your account. All you have to do is choose the latter option to start using your free spins and have fun without spending any money. Who knows, those amazing free spins might even pay off in a big way…

We tell you which casinos with free spins to turn to

Bonus Free Spins

Free spins are certainly the most common offer online, just behind deposit offers. There is no shortage of casinos offering free spins, and with so much competition, it can be hard to choose.

Furthermore, not all users want to explore the Terms and Conditions of all sites in detail before making their choice. That’s why we’ve gone around the web for you and analysed these promotions for you. We offer you access to a ranking of the casinos with the best offers, but also the best products in general.

And yes, what kind of guide would we give if we directed you to a casino offering an interesting free spins bonus, but a poorly developed range of games and unsecured services? We have therefore only selected the most serious operators in our casino selection, combining a quality offer with a high quality entertainment platform.

You don’t know which gambling interface to choose among all those selected here? Then read the reviews of the top casinos written by our experts in a few minutes (just click on the casino name). In these product sheets, you will find a meticulous analysis of the game library, other promotions, payment services, customer support… In short, you will be able to make your choice with all the data in hand!

What are the requirements for free spins at the casino?

Free spins should not be neglected by players, on the contrary. In fact, they allow you to have fun for free and without the risk of losing your money. The only thing the operator may require in return is that you register on their site and meet certain conditions.

These promotions are indeed ideal to extend your playing time and allow you to linger on these exciting slots without breaking the bank. In any case, it is absolutely essential that you read the terms and conditions regarding these free spins. Here too, the free spins bonuses are numerous and varied. So make sure you read up on them beforehand. However, a number of basic rules will always reappear in T&Cs. We list the main ones here:

Winnings limits

Casinos online India have to be careful when awarding offers to their users. Imagine if they gave a brand new player who had never tried their luck at the site a few free casino spins to try out the games, and that person just signed up and walked away with the jackpot. The operator would then have offered millions to a stranger who had never wagered a single cent on its site…

In order to avoid this kind of mishap, which would be unfair to both the casino and loyal players, online gaming interfaces have now properly framed their promotional offers by setting up winnings limits. Thus, a free spin can generally only bring in a few hundred rupees. So don’t use them on jackpot games, it would be a shame…

Unlocking conditions

In addition to limiting the amount of money that can be won with free spins, the player must also unlock the winnings in order to withdraw them. How do you do this? By putting them back into a game a certain number of times. The most interesting casinos will ask their customers to replay the money won 20 times, others will go up to 60 times, making the task much more complicated.

You should therefore choose your casino carefully, taking into account the unlocking conditions. They can turn a seemingly attractive offer into a promotion that isn’t really worth it…

Limits on certain machines

Free spins are a great opportunity to discover new games, but you should still be careful when using them. Not all free spins can be used on all slots. In fact, each promotional campaign has a specific framework, and depending on the casino, free spins can be offered on the entire game library, only on Microgaming games for example, or on a particular slot.

If your goal was to take advantage of this gift to explore the game panel, check that this is possible by consulting the T & C of the casino.

Conditions of awarding

Unfortunately, cases of abuse by players in terms of bonuses are not uncommon, and to counter this, online casinos have had to implement an increasingly strict policy for awarding offers. In theory, offers can only be awarded once per user. However, this has not prevented some greedy customers from creating accounts for different family members and friends, in order to activate bonuses several times.

The operators have therefore tightened their conditions in this respect. From now on, offers can only be activated once per person, household, IP address, telephone number and postal address. Casinos are on guard, so don’t try to cheat. Better yet, to make sure you are eligible for the promotion, contact customer service who will confirm whether or not you are eligible before you register or make a payment.

Why look for a casino with no deposit free spins?

The reason why so many players are desperate to find a casino with free spins no deposit bonus online on the web is because these offers bring undeniable advantages…

Free spins have several functions. They allow you to test an unknown slot machine, to evaluate the features and the level of graphics. Of course, it is possible for players to spend these credits in real mode on a slot machine. In this situation, they will be able to enjoy all the benefits of playing online. This is because the winnings from free spins will be added to the general winnings from ‘pay’ spins, subject to certain conditions. We invite you to contact the operators in this regard.

Last but not least, free spins also allow you to play longer than you might have expected if you had to invest such amounts from your own pocket… When you have used up your play credit, you may feel frustrated because you feel that you have not been able to enjoy the almost magical features of the slot machine long enough. Fortunately, if you are lucky enough to get some free spins in the process, you will be able to resume your gaming session. This will only enhance your experience as a casino player.

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