Bitcoin Casino: the best Bitcoin online casinos in 2023 with bonus

Before you jump on a platform that uses crypto currencies, you will definitely need the assistance of a good guide on this payment method! With this review, you will find the best Bitcoin casino, which guarantees you a completely secure adventure. You will also discover what the advantages of Bitcoin are in an online casino as well as many tips on how to become an expert.

It was also necessary for the establishment to be able to validate Bitcoin withdrawals quickly, and for this transaction to be carried out in accordance with the latest security standards. Here, you can find the most reactive ones, allowing you to recover your earnings in less than 48 hours.

As a result of the above, we have compiled a list of operators that we feel are the most capable of providing you with good services in relation to virtual payouts.

With so many companies offering this type of payment, the choice was difficult, however, we finally chose a few companies that proved to be particularly effective. Without further ado, discover our selection of the Indian brands that we trust the most. This list is sprinkled with gaming bonuses that can prove to be relatively interesting in the context of a first registration:

  • Bit Casino: one of the major players in the English-speaking sector integrating more than 8 gaming software. This platform will give you an exclusive welcome bonus of 2 BTC. Grab this promotion and make your bets, to ensure maximum money ;
  • Cbet: certified by the legal authorities of “Curacao”, the platform will offer you a number of titles whose bets will be made in virtual currency. A page offering you no less than ₹40000 bonus on registration for your arrival. A promotion convertible into BTCs or even Ethereum as part of your bets;
  • King Bit Casino: a name that is evocative to say the least offering you a prestigious game library gathering more than 1,700 contents. Kingbit Casino offers you a welcome gift of ₹30000 as well as 20 Mega spins for your registration made on the page. An interesting offer that you should seize;
  • CryptoFairPlay: as the name suggests, the platform aspires to offer payments in cryptocurrencies. A payout accompanied by a heavy gift on registration of 5 BTC and 200 free spins for your arrival. An unmissable offer if you are looking for this payment system;
  • Casino Clic: an operator provided by the famous publisher: Real Time Gaming, whose game will also be enabled by a deposit in BTCs. 20000 rupees + 20 free spins will accompany your registration in case you decide to offer your bets on Casino Clic. An innovative establishment that cares about its users’ desires!

What are the advantages of a bitcoin casino?

advantages of using crypto in casino

If more and more casino players are now turning to virtual gambling houses that specialize in Bitcoin, there are several reasons for this. Here are the advantages of a bitcoin casino over a traditional site:

  1. Transaction fees: you can have fun at a bitcoin casino for free, since there are usually no fees on payouts. While some payout solutions have fees, this one is completely free to use;
  2. Discreet transactions: when you pay with bitcoin, there is no information about the site you’ve purchased from. Everything is anonymous and only lines of code appear when you access your wallet;
  3. Fast transactions: while making transfers is not instantaneous with this option, you still receive your funds in your bitcoin Indian casino within an hour. It usually takes about 10 minutes for the transaction to be visible;
  4. Alternative to traditional credit cards: while Internet users tend to make payments with cards, this alternative can be ideal since it combines ease of use, other qualities of the card and additional benefits;
  5. Secure payments: transfers made with this solution are fully protected as they pass through powerful algorithms. So you can’t be hacked or have your funds disappear;
  6. Secure games: until now, the fairness of the machine draws was based solely on the trust that the player placed in the establishment of which he was a customer. Thanks to the use of Provably Fair technology, the algorithm on which the cryptocurrency is based, the fairness of the games is now guaranteed and verifiable at all times;
  7. More interesting redistribution rates: we also observe gains that can be up to 2% higher than on traditional operators. This may not seem like much at first glance, but it is a variation that has a considerable impact on the bankroll of the players over the long term;
  8. Exclusive games: the reason why these operators are attracting more and more title lovers is also because some of the entertainment is exclusive to a particular house. So you will find options that will not be available anywhere else.

What are the disadvantages of a bitcoin casino?

Going through a bitcoin casino guarantees you access to many advantages, but you should not forget that like any alternative, the crypto currency casino also has its limitations. Here are the main disadvantages:

  • Bitcoin casinos are only very recent: bitcoin casinos have only recently come into existence, so not all of them offer optimized products and services yet. Moreover, some users prefer to join interfaces that have years of experience behind them, and this will not be possible with a bitcoin casino yet;
  • The bitcoin online casinos are rarely in English: since these establishments are rare, they are usually offered in English so that as many users as possible around the world can use them. It is therefore not yet common to find them in Indian;
  • Transactions are not instantaneous: if as we have seen before, you receive your funds within about 1 hour, transfers are not done immediately, unlike other options. Some customers who are in a hurry may not be satisfied with this wait;
  • The volatility of bitcoin and other cryptos: some skeptics still have a hard time getting into this business because crypto currencies are very volatile. One day they can have a very high value and collapse the next. Therefore, caution should be the order of the day.

How to choose a crypto casino?

As with all our selection of virtual establishments on our reference site, we assign criteria to select operators offering BTCs or Ethereum.

Our goal is to offer an updated selection subject to certain criteria that we have previously established. Strict criteria that allow us to keep a consistent line of conduct in the selection of all these crypto casino platforms.

Based on these criteria, we assign a score by weighting each of the criteria issued, allowing us to offer you rankings like the one proposed in the previous section.

Bonuses available at the bitcoin casino

A good bitcoin casino must necessarily offer interesting promos, and at many points in your life on the site. In each review, we give you our opinion on the generosity of the house, but here is the set of bonuses on which it should excel:

  • Classic welcome bonus: when you sign up, the establishment should give you a promotion that is both generous and easy to use;
  • No-deposit bitcoin bonus: some operators even offer you cash amounts as soon as you sign up. You will receive some BTCs that you can use for free on the entertainment;
  • Free spins: as on the classic interfaces, you can play several spins without paying when the house offers this type of operation. The number of free spins will vary but these offers are always interesting;
  • VIP Program: In each review we also specify whether or not the operator offers rewards for VIPs. Sometimes you can receive BTC cash, free spins or boosts on payouts;
  • Regular promotions: the promotions offered by a corresponding establishment are important elements to take into account when selecting a brand. The higher the amount of money and the more regular the promotions, the more interesting the casino will be for us;
  • Wagering requirements: one of the most important elements is how the offers are set up. So we systematically give you our opinion on the release conditions, games that can be used with promotions, withdrawal limits, etc.

Available bitcoin casino games

One of the common threads among players new to a Bitcoin casino site is the fear of accessing too limited a range of games. While it is true that some interfaces suffer a bit from a limited number of entertainment options, others have realized that this is an essential element in attracting customers, and have therefore focused on this aspect.

By carefully selecting the operator where you play, you will have the opportunity to access a wide variety of titles including of course:

  • Slots: some of the slots are new and only offered with this technology, so you will be able to discover titles that you have never encountered in the past;
  • Blackjack: the famous card game is also available using your virtual coins;
  • Roulette: the most popular table game on the planet can also be played on these interfaces;
  • Table games: many other entertainments will also be on the program, including video poker, poker, baccarat, etc. ;
  • Dice games: if you are a fan of sic bo, dice slots or craps, you will find what you are looking for;
  • Lottery games: Keno, bingo and other drawing games can also be used at your convenience.

As you can see, the entertainment will be the same as that available at a regular casino, but with a little extra security. A game library with a lot of content will always be valued by our services.

The mobile version of cryptocasino

Mobile Bitcoin Casino 2023

With the development of smartphones and mobile gaming, it is almost unthinkable to omit the presence of this type of alternative. This is a mode of operation that users are increasingly looking for, and so every cryptocurrency casino has made sure to adapt to these mediums.

The different bitcoin casino gaming providers and software

A single gaming provider doing all the operator development is usually not enough. The presence of various big names in publishing will obviously be preferred at a BTC online casino. More and more publishers are adapting their products to BTCs and you will be able to have fun on top creations.

Security and reputation of the bitcoin casino

First of all, it’s clear that an interface that has proven itself to be effective in the past will come to the fore. These interfaces with years of experience usually provide a high quality service to their subscribers.

We also make sure that the establishment has been licensed by a serious iGaming regulatory body, such as Malta or Curacao. This document issued by the bodies in charge of the development of online operators ensures recognition at a legal level. This criterion is almost indispensable since its absence can mean that the content offered is illegal.

Finally, remember that in terms of entertainment, fairness is unquestionable, since the draws are based on Provably Fair technology, a very powerful algorithm that allows users to check the reliability of the draws if necessary.

The best BTC casino bonuses

crypto gambling

In this comprehensive Bitcoin casino India review, we also wanted to tell you all about the best Bitcoin casino bonuses. As is the case with traditional online casinos in India, a quality BTC casino will always look to shower its registrants with gifts. The best Bitcoin casino 2023 will certainly be the most generous in terms of promotions!

It will look to offer attractive gifts, but also regular promotions including deposit promotions, free spins on slots, or a cash offer, all not in Rupees, but converted directly into BTCs. Offers serving as examples in this framework, however, here are, some examples of great rewards offered by establishments in this category:

  • ? 5 BTC + 200 free spins signup bonus offered by CryptoFairPlay ;
  • ? 2 BTC to welcome you to King Bit Casino;
  • ? ₹44500 convertible and offered by Cbet.

To make your life easier, the good operators will therefore convert their offers for you in the current currency, and in the virtual currency in the form of DBTC tenth BTC or CBTC hundredth Bitcoin.

Finally, you should know that joining the Bitcoin community does not mean that you will give up on promotions and VIP programs. If you are lucky enough to join one of these high roller clubs, you will be showered with bonuses.

In this context, it is clear that the best gift offered to users is the promotion offered by Crypto Fair Play. For your information, one Bitcoin is now equivalent to ₹800000.00 after conversion. This means that in the end ₹1000000.00 can be obtained in 5 separate payments.

We let you imagine the possibilities that are offered to you following the use of this cryptocurrency. An interface offering no less than 1,200 titles, so you’ll have plenty to bet on while trying to win the biggest jackpots on offer.

The most successful crypto casino for playing live with Bitcoins

In this world of blockchain and crypto payments, you will also have the opportunity to play live against real dealers. Various games will be presented to you. As with the promotions presented earlier, there are good crypto casino operators that allow you to enjoy exclusive live content.

Among these websites offering exclusive live services, two of them in particular have caught our attention. These are the big names:

  • ? King Bit: surely the establishment that can offer you the most live content. The platform offers 5 different types of games that can be played live. From sic bo to live baccarat, you will have plenty to choose from among the titles presented;
  • ? Cbet: juggling between roulette games and blackjack contents offered in live, the Cbet site also ensures contents offered in live format. Titles that will be accessible with any payment in BTCs.

These choices are perfectly assumed and lead us to place the operator King Bit in the first position. Why King Bit? It’s very simple, the interface offers games until now very little distributed. “Bets games ™”, “Dragon Tiger ™” or “Baccarat & Sic Bo ™”, categories that demonstrate a willingness to innovate on the part of the operator.

A way to get away from the usual paths littered with “blackjack” or “roulette” type content. A triple advantage that combines payments in BTCs, a diversity of contents and a sense of innovation. A well-deserved top spot for King Bit Casino.

The best online operators for mobile gaming with bitcoins

It would be an aberration for a quality Indian Bitcoin casino to keep up with the technology by offering BTC play, but to lag behind by not developing a mobile Bitcoin casino interface…

This means that gambling enthusiasts who play on their phones and tablets will generally find their happiness with these types of titles. These establishments have, almost in their entirety, made a point of being at the forefront in terms of titles offered on smartphones. They have therefore created a version of their casino adapted to your small screens, as well as applications, both worked and simple to use.

While the variety of Bitcoin money games may not be the same as what you’ll find on a computer, none of the other features are missing. You will be able to create an account, credit Bitcoins to it, play them, and withdraw them from it.

Also note that users who run out of Bitcoin in their e-wallets will usually be able to use another payment method, such as credit cards or prepaid tickets, at a so-called “hybrid” casino.

From a phone, there is also nothing to stop you from taking advantage of the Bitcoin casino bonuses offered on a computer. The full range of promotions will generally be available on both versions. A second version that we found particularly interesting in the context of the titles provided by Kingbit Casino.

Despite the lack of an app, KingBit Casino provides a perfectly fitting version. The textures and graphics are completely similar, not letting any lack of adaptation show through. The navigation within the site is fast and the pages are displayed within milliseconds. These arguments will suit mobile gamers who are used to using their smartphone to play and pay in BTCs.

How to use your Bitcoins at an online casino?

Whether you are a curious player or a regular Bitcoin depositor, you may have some doubts or questions about using this alternative. How do I make my first deposit in Bitcoins? How to withdraw your funds with BTCs? In order to answer all of your questions on the subject, we’ll provide you with all the information you need in the following sections.

How to deposit money at a Bitcoin casino ?bitcoin casino guide
In the last few years, a number of secure casinos have emerged that offer players from all over the world the opportunity to deposit Bitcoin into their casino interface, so that you can have fun at your leisure without having to handle rupees or any other conventional currency. Don’t worry, playing on virtual stores doesn’t require any computer skills or knowledge of economics. All you need to do is :

Create an electronic wallet that can hold Bitcoin, using a specialized interface like or Copay.
Once the wallet is created, you can obtain Bitcoin by purchasing them, for example, from sites like Spicepay or Coinbase.
Once the Bitcoin wallet is loaded, go to a Bitcoin casino and make a deposit via the Bitcoin payment option. You will then be able to play your crypto currency on the various casino games. You will also be able to withdraw your winnings, again in Bitcoins, to your e-wallet.
As you can see, using a Bitcoin casino could not be easier or more profitable…

How do I withdraw money from a Bitcoin casino?

Withdrawing money from a Bitcoin casino may seem like a technical term that could discourage you from using this option. However, you should know that cryptocurrencies work in the same way as a traditional deposit tool.

Once you’ve created your Bitcoin account, all you have to do is follow these standard withdrawal steps common to all operators:

  1. Go to your regular gaming site;
  2. Click on the “Personal Area” section of your account;
  3. Go to “Withdrawal”;
  4. Choose the payment method “Bitcoin”;
  5. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw;
  6. Wait for the specified time to get your money back!

Is it possible to play poker at a casino that accepts Bitcoin?

As we said on the home page of this section, while some operators have chosen to offer a full and varied range of content, some interfaces have preferred to specialize in one particular universe using this open source software.

If your favorite table game is poker, then you’ll find operators that consist exclusively of a quality Bitcoin poker room. Like a more diverse casino, you make deposits in Bitcoin, win at the cashgame tables, win prizes in tournaments – always in Bitcoin – and withdraw your winnings in cryptocurrency to your Bitcoin wallet.

Thanks to the incredible BITC machines Provably Fair poker technology, security is 100% guaranteed, as is the case with all content developed using the Bitcoin algorithm.

The value of this kind of interface is limited, however, if you enjoy browsing from game to game. Instead, we recommend that players access “multi-universe” platforms, so that they have the opportunity to vary their enjoyment. There are so many such quality operators, that it won’t be hard for you, with our help, to find the best Bitcoin 2023 casino!

Is it possible to play for free at a Bitcoin casino?

Before jumping into the vibrant world of Bitcoin and its application to online casinos, users often want to generate BTCs at a lower cost. So what are the most effective ways to do this? We take a look at this aspect here!

Take advantage of Bitcoin casino offers
At these major operators, there is nothing to stop you from playing for free, including a sign-up promotion. As mentioned earlier, many operators offer their users cash bonuses.

This means that you will receive an amount in Bitcoin once your account is created, without having to deposit anything on the site. Of course, this promotion is subject to conditions, and you will only be able to pocket it after you have played it a certain number of times.

As part of a sign-up offer, it is also not uncommon to receive Freespins, or free games. This is another opportunity for you to get started for less.

Get started with free Bitcoin games

Also note that most establishments have machines available in “Play Money” mode and others in “Play for Fun” mode. This allows you to play without spending any money while you get to know the slot better, before you start playing the same game for real. The games in demo mode can even be used before registration.

How to mine BTCs

You can first go through what are called “Bitcoin taps” built into some gaming operators. These allow you to obtain small amounts of Bitcoin by entering a captcha code, waiting for a specified time interval on the site, or when you run out of money on games.

Of course, this is not the way to become a millionaire… You will usually receive a few cents, which will only allow you to test the content to see if it is to your liking or not. If you want to get serious, we recommend that you choose one of the Bitcoin casinos listed in our guide.

Conclusion: our opinion on Bitcoin casinos and their advantages

Cryptocurrencies can sometimes divide Internet users about their use. A technology that is currently little known, but which gives its users many advantages. Indeed, despite the few points of reluctance that can be addressed in relation to its use, Bitcoin offers assets to users who choose to acquire it. Some examples here:

  • ❌ No transaction fees: unlike banks, Ethereum and others allow you to pay out every last cent in transaction fees;
  • ? Anonymity: an anonymously covered payout where the only ones informed of your transaction will be the institution and yourself;
  • ? Security: a globally recognized alternative that no longer needs to be presented today.

Even though Bitcoin has suffered some criticism in the past, today it is an extremely convenient virtual currency. The only way to get this valuable currency is to open an account. As a critic and expert, it is without appeal that we suggest you acquire BTC and Ethereum, get started now!

  • What is the best Bitcoin casino in India?

    The best Bitcoin casinos for players from India is :
    1. Bit Casino
    2. Cbet
    3. King Bit Casino
    4. CryptoFairPlay
    5. Casino Clic
    For more info, check out our Top Online Bitcoin Casino 2023 page.
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