Heading: Road repair restart - - Work in phases on three arteries

Date: 12-10-2006


With the rains over, the state transport department is preparing to resume repair of tram tracks in the city. The Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners (HRBC), which has undertaken the repairs, left out the tram tracks on BB Ganguly Street, Bidhan Sarani, College Street and parts of Lenin Sarani because of the monsoon. Last week, finance minister Asim Dasgupta met officials of the transport department, HRBC, Calcutta Municipal Corporation and the Calcutta Tramways Company to review the progress of road repairs. The minister asked the HRBC officials to resume work once the monsoon and festive season were over. “The repair of tram tracks on MG Road, Maniktala Main Road, CIT Road, Nirmal Chunder Street and Lenin Sarani (from Moulali to Raja Subodh Mullick Square) is over, barring some touch-up. We will now start work on BB Ganguly Street, Bidhan Sarani, College Street and Lenin Sarani (from Raja Subodh Mullick Square to Esplanade),’’ said HRBC vice-chairman S.R. Banerjee on Wednesday. “We could have started work much earlier, but would not have completed the project before the Puja. We did not want to keep any road half-done in the festive season. Frequent showers are another reason for the delay. We expect to start work after Kali puja,” Banerjee added. According to HRBC officials, the three roads will have to be closed to traffic during the repairs. In the first phase, only portions of the roads were blocked. “There is no scope of blocking half of BB Ganguly Street, Bidhan Sarani and College Street. We will work on stretches. There will be no problem in undertaking the repairs on Lenin Sarani as the tram tracks are at one end,” claimed an HRBC engineer. The agency has held a round of discussions with the cops on the diversion of traffic during repairs. Deputy commissioner (traffic) Jawed Shamim stated the HRBC would have to carry out the repairs one by one. “As the three roads are major arteries leading to the central business district, they cannot be blocked together. Besides, the work would have to be restricted to 500 m stretches at a time. For example, work on BB Ganguly Street has to be carried out in three or four phases so that we do not face any problem in diverting traffic,” explained the deputy commissioner. Shamim said the traffic diversion plan would be chalked out once the HRBC comes up with the road repair schedule. The HRBC officials stated the schedule would be readied within a fortnight after discussions with the traffic cops. The HRBC will conduct an inspection of the work done by the contractor. “We have information that repairs on stretches of Maniktala Main Road, CIT Road and MG Road are not up to the mark. We will visit the spots to ascertain that the work had been done as per specifications. The payment of the contractor will be held back if we detect lapses,’’ asserted a senior engineer of HRBC. Source: The Telegraph 



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